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Geophysicist Nikola Trifunovic measured magnetic radiation in over thousands of homes

The doctor for sick house

Salud Humana

Earth's magnetic fields of high intensity are enabling the environment for tumor cells. In the past 14 years, Nikola Trifunovic has published 30 scientific articles that mainstream medicine does not recognize, nor refutes them.

Sofas with metal frames and pieces is better not to have, because during sleep, when you lie down on metal, body establishes electrostatic viscosivity, and it's like sleeping in a nuclear plant.

Geophysicist Nikola Trifunovic does not cure cancer rather the households where cancer resides. Armed with a proton magnetometer, a device for measuring the terrestrial magnetic radiation, he moves through the home, after the investigation, "home therapy" initiates.

Distributes furniture with a risk that people will be watch television from the wierdest places, by getting to the the fridge you might as well have to go to the farthest terrace, but the health benefits are far superior. In this "home cleansing" with new furniture distribution, everything is full of health, in general, this level of feng shui is more home health concerned than its decoration fashion form. The discovery that high magnetic fields of the earth are ideal for tumor cells, Trifunovic discovered 14 years ago and has published 30 scientific articles that medicine has not formally accepted, but neither denies.

The promoter of cell division is a natural magnetic field of the Earth with its variations, and when people are in the field of extremely high or variable radiation, the cells divide incorrectly. This creates the conditions for the disease. Cancer is in the first place. Everyone knows that the appearance of cancer is caused by an external factor, but exactly what is not known. It is argued that a cause is the poor construction of the flats in which usually is found high magnetic induction. When added to radiation from electrical appliances, and people sleep in beds with metal- the cancer, is already born says Trifunovic, who has "measured" about three thousand homes in Belgrade. And where he found the sick, has realized, he says, it is always the same. The body part attacked by the cancer itself is magnetized, and by the law of physics are attracted to metal like with the magnet. These patients usually always sit in the place where the radiation is greater, and after entering "high fields" patients calm down. Meanwhile, the disease flourishes, says geophysicist. This hypothesis has come home when his wife fell ill with cancer.

She had a tumor on the genitals and unconsciously directed her body to the "worst" part of the kitchen, where the magnetic radiation was the strongest. For anything that she needed she had always turned her stomach towards the drawers with cutlery. One night, without her knowing, I moved the tray to the other end of the room. It so happened that she did not know of the new position of the drawer, again unwittingly stood before it. Then I took the refrigerator to the terrace. And while she called the family and relatives to tell them that Nikola got crazy, measuring radiation in the apartment, and completely changing of the furniture places. Today, she does not take any medication and is healthy, he says.

Only households where the radiation equals the earth’s natural radiation, there is no risk of disease. The earth's magnetic field of 47,000 nanotesli is in the same time the natural radiation for the Belgrade area, but this radiation is rarely found in most households. Each electrical appliance or metal is harmful because adds to the figure of ideal radiation causing the energy growth to 65,000 units of measurement. The same exact number of units indicates the device, believe it or not, when measuring a magical bras with metal rings. More importantly, he warns, one should sleep in a space that is in the natural magnetic field, but most people often make mistakes even in the proper placement of electrical appliances.

I have chills when I find in the bedroom speakers on both sides of the bed, an overhead lamp, and when the magnetic field vectors match, the rule is that with prolonged exposure to radiation, and with genetic predisposition, cancer appears. Any mattress should be rotated 180 degrees every six months because of the magnetic induction, to "keep it at low levels". Metal-framed beds is better not to have. And when people are warned in advance, justify their choice by saying that "everyone sleeps this way" During sleep a body physical viscosity is formed and when you lie down on the metal, is the same as if you slept in a nuclear plant. All electrical equipment is best to have against a single wall, preferably external, geophysicist reports.

According to the city’s neighborhoods, Trifunovic by measuring determined what were the "good" and "bad" neighborhoods. The minimum radiation was measured in the old part of New Belgrade and Zemun, while potentially dangerous were Mirijevo, Bežanijska Kosa, Čukarička Kosa, Strahinjica Bana Street and the point where tram rails cross in front of the Faculty of Law.

Today I am not surprised at all about Milosevic's decision to wage war against NATO. In the square Andrićev Venac next to the cabinet where he took all the crazy decisions, there is a raging magnetic storm. There, the compass rotates in a circle without stopping, these magnetic fields affect the nervous system, he explains.

Among the worst are those dwellings with a lot of rebar concrete, and small rooms. - These homes have destroyed their natural radiation, with artificial mainly loaded everywhere. In these buildings is impossible to find a healthy point. There is a bunch of positive examples. A neighbor who had first suffered from breast cancer, and after the lymph nodes for years, slept on the couch with a metal inner frame. The cancer disappeared after receiving the therapy and making changes to the furniture distribution. However, after a year her scalp revealed accumulation of nucleotides that trigger cancer cells. I had gone to see her, I measured and determined that her head rested on a high magnetic field, but when you get out of bed, there was no radiation. It turned out that she no longer wore the metal tongs with which she slept. She went recently for the medical examination and documentation indicates that she is healthy as a princess.

There is a case of two neighbors who slept next to dividing walls as they both became ill with throat cancer. Above their heads was a metal water pipe. One moved, and the other stayed. They received the same treatment, and who had taken refuge from this pump is still alive to this day. The shark is the only animal that does not develop cancer because while sleeping it swims thus moving through different radiation fields. Consequently, it does not stay too long in high magnetic fields.

The biggest mistake is to think that electromagnetic radiation can disappear. On the contrary, electromagnetic radiation strengthens over time and we become weaker and weaker.

Dangerous fashion

-I noticed that the belts with metal buckles cause ulcers when worn by skinny people, and can damage the pancreas. Hematite jewelry has a high induction and in practice, from all women that I have met that wore it, each had problems with the thyroid gland - explains geophysicist.

Effect on growth

The Earth's magnetic field affects the growth, taller people generally come from areas where the Earth's natural radiation is higher than natural. - Short people often suffer from heart diseases, because most come from places where the Earth's natural radiation is low, about 40,000. Once in the environment where radiation is increased by ten thousand, certainly their tolerance level for higher radiation is much lower than of a person who has spent his life in environment where radiation was high. If there is evidence that radiation affects the growth on Earth, why not accept that affects disease?. The best proof of this are the Chinese and Japanese living in areas of very low natural radiation, about 35,000 nanotesli and so are the lowest population of the planet.


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